Fine Art

Painting and Fine Art

The Common Vein copyright 2007

Beyond the Flowers  – Not so still life

82715p Davidoff art

Youth in a Red Waistcoat 

82719p Davidoff art 

Man with a Red Hat

82838p.800 Man TCV Davidoff art

Three Ladies in Conversation 

82721p  Davidoff art  

Beyond the Dance  

82729p  Davidoff art 


82844p.800 Woman Davidoff art

Wedding Day

82720p Davidoff art 


82840p.800 couple nude man woman TCV oneness Davidoff art


82835p.800 Davidoff art


creation the beginning … heaven and earth day and night …

On finding out you were real .. Florida 1989

82849p.800  Davidoff art

Red Umbrella in the Garden

82722p Davidoff art 

Two children

82843p.800 Davidoff art

Night and Day Meet

82734p Mural on kitchen wall Davidoff art 

Flowers on a Chair

82749p Property of Janine and David Goldstein Photography Talya Davidoff art