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1 = Unit

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Single Positive Force

atom, proton, nucleus, positive force, Ashley Davidoff MD, The Common Vein

Single Negative Force

Hydrogen Atom

Water Molecule

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Complex Molecule - Nucleic Acid

Replicating Molecule - DNA

Organelle - Nucleus



Lobules of Tissue

The Liver Lobule ~The sinusoids and hepatic cords combine to form a liver lobule which is a functional and structural unit of the liver. At the center of the lobule is the central vein from which emanate many cords of liver tissue. At the periphery of the lobule there are 4-5 groups of portal triads consisting of distal branches of the portal vein (dark blue), hepatic artery (red) and biliary radicle (green). They create the border of the lobule~ liver lobule portal triad hepatic artery bile duct portal vein'central vein sinusoid flower 1+1 units to unity parts whole connections links histology art store medical art Davidoff art Copyright 2013

Segments of Organ





Nations United

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