Hydrogen and the Earth

The Hydrogen Atom and the Earth

Ashley Davidoff MD

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The second humbling observation is the morphological similarity of the hydrogen atom and the earth.

The hydrogen atom consists of a single proton in its nucleus and one electron which spins around the nucleus within its orbit.  A magnetic field is created by the moving charge as the electron orbits around the proton. Each hydrogen atom therefore has its own magnetic field and acts as a tiny bar magnet. The hydrogen atom also has an intrisic nuclear spin called an angular momentum causing it to rotate around its own center of mass .

Similarly the earth  is associated with its daily rotation about its axis, but in addition it is associated with its annual rotation round the Sun. Vasileska

The magnetic field of the earth is thought to be generated by moving core molten metals which create a weak bar magnet.  The north south pole is slightly tilted off its rotational axis.

The Proton and the Earth Remarkable Similarity Spinning Precessing Magnetic Field

The hydrogen atom consists of a single proton around which a single electron is maintained in orbit resulting in a magnetic field. The earth with an inner core of iron, also has a magnetic field and precesses in orbit with a tilted axis around the sun held by the force of gravity.

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About 63% of our bodies are made from the hydrogen atom being approximately 4.2X1027hydrogen atoms.  Hydrogen consists of about .9% of the earths atoms, while it makes up 91% of the atoms of the universe.


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